Equipment Expression of Interest at SIFT

Are you considering leveraging the state-of-the-art facilities at SIFT for your next project? 

Funding for Equipment

The Shire of Murray, in collaboration with the State Government’s Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development, is offering a voucher scheme that might be just what you need. This initiative supports projects utilising SIFT’s equipment, factory space, and expert team. We encourage you to check if you qualify for this opportunity on the Food Innovation Precinct website, where the most current information about the scheme is available.

At SIFT, we’re always eager to hear from parties interested in enhancing our facility with new equipment for their projects. If you have an innovative idea, we invite you to share it with us. Reach out confidentially via email to Stuart Johnson, SIFT Managing Director. When you do, please ensure your email is marked as Commercial-in-Confidence and succinctly covers the key points of your proposal, attaching any relevant materials. Rest assured, only the SIFT team will access your document. At this stage, we’re looking for enough information to spark a discussion and assess the best way forward. Periodically, financial support for new equipment installation may become available, and we will inform you of such opportunities during our email correspondence.

Essential Criteria

Please address the following criteria in your email:

Equipment Expression of Interest

Upon receiving your email, we will promptly review your proposal and arrange a phone call or site meeting within a week to clarify any questions and establish a clear plan of action. 

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