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SIFT is the gateway to innovation in Western Australia’s food production value chain. Offering more than just state-of-the-art facilities, SIFT provides a collaborative space where startups and established businesses alike can access factory-scale resources and receive hands-on expert mentoring. Whether you’re at the cusp of a new food or beverage venture or looking to expand and transform your existing business, SIFT is here to support your journey towards sustainable growth and innovation.

Elevating Your Food Business: Innovative Manufacturing Solutions

SIFT stands as a dynamic resource for food and beverage companies, offering a platform to research and develop new products. Here, advanced manufacturing technology merges with expert research and technical insight, providing a platform for your product development journey.

Our team at SIFT is committed to empowering primary producers, food and beverage entrepreneurs, and researchers through the process. Our expert team guides you through the journey of developing, testing, and producing new and enhanced valued-added food and beverage products. By utilising our innovative manufacturing technologies and processes, we pave the way for scaling your business efficiently, minimising the risk and investment usually associated with reaching commercial viability.

The facility has advanced food manufacturing equipment with flexible processing lines, inward cold storage and preparation areas, a packaging bay, finished product cold storage, receivables and deliveries, waste management processes, and staff amenities. Our mobile processing equipment is designed for rapid and easy reconfiguration, adapting to your project’s unique requirements.

SIFT welcomes producers, entrepreneurs, and companies eager to innovate, develop new products, test commercial production, or refine production processes. We provide cost-effective access to the essential equipment and facilities required to bring your product to market with confidence and success.

Equipment Expression of Interest (EOI)

Explore opportunities to utilise SIFT’s advanced equipment and facilities for your project, supported by a voucher scheme from the Shire of Murray.

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