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Throughout the year, SIFT hosts a variety of tailored onsite and in-house training courses. These sessions are designed to target the specific needs of our diverse client base, ensuring they receive the support they need to ensure success.

In addition to our specialised training, we also offer a range of professional development opportunities, product demonstrations, and venue hire services. Reach out through the form below to find out how we can assist with your next event.

Advance Your Expertise in the Food Industry

Elevate you and your business with our targeted food industry training courses. From innovation tools to sensory evaluation, and from roadblock solutions to advanced product development, our expert-led sessions are designed to empower professionals and businesses at every level.

Limited numbers ensure a personalised learning experience, making each course an opportunity to gain unparalleled insights and practical skills. Discover our offerings below and take the next step towards mastering your craft in the food industry.

Innovation and the NPD Toolkit

4 hours - $900 pp - 12 attendees max

New Product Development Process

2 days - $2,900 - 6 attendees max
Pre course project scope. IP agreement. Course tuition. NPD Gannt Chart and Notes. Store visit.
Product competitor panelling. Discount of $1000 on FTF Booking costs.

Roadblock Workshop

2 hours - $200 - 1 attendees max
Participants and previous FTF clients only can use this course with key staff to solve a project roadblock at a discounted rate.

Sensory Evaluation

4 hours - $400 - 6 attendees max
Course tuition. Notes. Software demo and report. Sensory screening. Triangle Test. Hedonic test.

Shelf Life: Interpreting Chemical, Sensory and Microbiology Results

4 hours - $400 - 6 attendees max
Course tuition. Notes. Aseptic sampling demo. Surveillance results discussion. EOL and MiLOR panelling.

Food Labelling

4 hours - $400 - 6 attendees max
Course tuition. Notes.

Thermal Processing for food businesses

8 hours - $400 - 6 attendees max
Course tuition. Notes.

Navigating the Research Process

4 hours - $400 - 6 attendees max
Course tuition. Notes. Brainstorming session of category specific Research topics.

Marketing Masterclass

8 hours - $100 - 24 attendees max
Course tuition. Notes.

Navigating Regulatory Approvals

6 hours - $400 - 6 attendees max
Course tuition. Notes. Selected regulatory agencies.

To be frank, there is no-way I would be at this point in the journey if it wasn't for Stuart and the FTF team. The deep knowledge, networks, and gentle yet affirming coaching style keeps you on track. It's not going to be easy but if you have found your way to FTF , then you're half-way there in my opinion. Good luck with the journey!


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