Sensory Services

SIFT offers comprehensive sensory evaluation testing, guided by our team of sensory experts. Our services include Consumer Testing, Descriptive Analysis Testing, and Quality Testing, all designed to provide you with critical insights into your product.

Our newly-built sensory evaluation lab features a test kitchen and sensory booths. Here, panellists can utilise innovative software, completely customisable to industry needs, to complete the evaluation process. Statistical results are analysed and delivered to you in detailed, easy-to-understand reports.

Additionally, SIFT offers specialised Product Quality monitoring services to meet industry standards.

We also offer the following course: ‘Sensory Evaluation for Industry.‘ This four-hour session includes tuition, informative notes, a software demonstration and report, sensory screening, the Triangle Test and Hedonic Test.

Sensory Enquiry

Ready to elevate your product with our sensory services? Get in touch with us today. Whether you have a specific need or a general inquiry, we’re here to collaborate and respond promptly. 

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