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Discover the driving force behind WA's food innovation.

Building on our foundation as “The Gateway to Innovation”, SIFT continues to be a pivotal force in nurturing the growth and evolution of Western Australia’s food sector.

The facility stands as a beacon for startups and established enterprises alike, offering not just access to cutting-edge facilities but a community where ideas are nurtured, tested, and brought to fruition.

Our mission extends beyond providing resources; we’re here to guide you through the intricacies of product development and market introduction, ensuring your venture not only succeeds but sets new benchmarks in the food and beverage industry.

The SIFT Project is delivered for the Future Food Systems CRC, by Murdoch University, who see the benefits and synergies it will provide to it’s Food technology program. 

At the co-located Murdoch Food Centre, courses are provided for postgraduate studies in Food Technology, and a number of food research programs are being commenced.

Some of the companies using SIFT are expected to take the opportunity of researching their products with Murdoch researchers, and collaborating with other partners in the Future Food Systems CRC. A program to attract internationally renowned scientists to work in the Murdoch Food Centre is underway.

However SIFT is a Technology Centre, and a good definition of Technology in the context of food businesses, is the Application of Science to Industry.
In other words, we will apply known solutions to your food production, quality, engineering and innovation goals and plans. Science is a broad field, and research is considered to be best implemented in an industry focused technology center such as SIFT.

Meet the Experts Behind SIFT

At the core of SIFT’s mission is a commitment to fostering sustainable growth and innovation within the food and beverage sector.

Our unique collaboration with leading institutions and industry experts provides startups and established businesses with access to comprehensive resources, expert mentoring, and advanced technologies. From concept development to commercialization, SIFT is dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs through every step of their journey, ensuring their projects are not just viable but thrive in competitive markets.

Stuart Johnson

Managing Director
With a rich history in food manufacturing, Stuart leads SIFT with a focus on innovation, product development, and scaling businesses for market success.

Cat McDaid

Food Quality Assurance
Catherine brings extensive experience in quality assurance, driving SIFT’s commitment to excellence and compliance in food technology and innovation.

Mark Holycross

Food Engineering
Specializing in engineering and manufacturing, Mark applies his expertise to enhance SIFT's operational efficiency and product innovation capabilities.
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