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We’ve compiled key information to help you navigate our innovative hub for food production in Western Australia. Find quick answers about our facilities, services, and how we support food and beverage ventures towards growth and innovation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

SIFT is available to any food and beverage manufacturer or startup looking to expand their business, however preference is given to Western Australian businesses.

Our team at SIFT is here to guide you through safety protocols, basic operations, and cleaning procedures throughout the production process. Please note that specialised support for equipment operation should be arranged prior.

At SIFT, we provide a comprehensive range of services including storage for incoming items, support during your processing phase, and facilities to store your finished products for dispatch. Additionally, our team can help identify potential partners to help further develop your product, especially focusing on innovative products that require our unique facilities to achieve commercial viability.

While SIFT does not directly offer funding, we are open to discussing joint purchases of equipment, especially those that could benefit multiple SIFT customers.

Yes, there is a fee for using SIFT facilities. This fee is reinvested into maintaining, operating, and enhancing SIFT. All users enter into a standard agreement which outlines the terms and conditions for facility use.

At SIFT, you will have access to a range of equipment, including foundation equipment like cold storage, heating, and packaging equipment. Users are welcome to purchase or co-purchase additional equipment and may also collaborate to use equipment brought in by other SIFT users.

Yes, you can bring in and install your equipment, provided it meets our health and safety standards. And, when you’re ready to move on, you can take your equipment with you.

Maintenance of SIFT equipment is covered by service agreements, funded by user fees. If users require specific processes or packaging beyond what we offer, they will be able to arrange their own maintenance.

While SIFT’s primary focus is on product testing, the facility is part of a larger ecosystem that includes the FIPWA and Murdoch University Food Centre. This connection offers extensive support for research and problem-solving that may emerge during production.

Yes, our team may be able to help you connect with innovation partners, including those at the adjacent Murdoch research and development facility. The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development, one of our partners, also offers a suite of ‘wrap around’ services and support in food industry development and innovation.

Users’ IP rights are respected and protected at SIFT, with procedures designed specifically to safeguard IP. Users of SIFTwill be able to screen their activities from other users, and all users are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement to ensure confidentiality.

Yes, your products will be market-ready, adhering to the same quality, shelf life, and legal compliance standards as if produced in your own premises.

SIFT assists with batch testing, pre-start hygiene checks, and can connect you with QA experts. We also facilitate sensory testing and evaluations to ensure your product meets all safety and legal standards.

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