The First Step to Innovation

Your journey with SIFT begins with a comprehensive, complimentary scoping session. This initial meeting is a vital step in assessing both your readiness and how well the facility aligns with your production needs.

During this session, we’ll provide a detailed briefing on how to make the most of our facilities. You’ll have the opportunity to share your product idea, development status, IP, launch plans including volumes and timing, cost model, formulation progress, packaging concepts, supply chain, staff involvement, quality assurance processes, vendor assurance, critical controls, shelf life, labelling compliance, vendor approval, sensory quality, standards, NPD timeline completion, product manufacture engineering, scaling up trials, process development, and quality validation.

Following this, we’ll outline the next steps and any additional work required before you can book time at SIFT. Consultancy from our staff prior to booking might be necessary, which we’ll discuss and arrange as needed.

While this scoping session is typically included at no extra charge as part of your future SIFT rentals, there are a few exceptions. If you’re a returning client with a new or reformulated product, a fee of $500 per session will be applied. This ensures that every project receives the attention and tailored approach it deserves.

The team at SIFT have been great. We got some assistance with our packing machinery, and we’re getting a longer shelf life.

Anthony Galati,

Manager of the Mad Butcher (Spudshed Group)

Production Enquiry

Reach out to connect with our team. We are dedicated to responding promptly to your queries, so we will reply to you as quickly as we can. If you’re yet to acquire an ACN or ABN, we recommend enrolling in our Innovation Course as the first step.

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